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Hello, I have Fiat Punto 2009 with number of chassis ZFA19900001600807 and I need to find compatible number of Blue and Me system for my car,I had 51861167, I find number 51888843 , is it compatible?

Don't know

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We open new HelpDesk ticketing system.      


If you have some question please fill free to open an questions true our ticketing system.

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New link to FIAT ePER with ads free

For all new and existing donors now can reach for FIAT ePER catalog with no ads by clicking here.

To login please use your existing username and password or you can contact us by clicking here.

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Hello, We are accepting registration again.

Hello, We are accepting registration again.

Register now by clicking here


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Info: Buying FIAT ePER


1.It is possible to buy FIAT ePER catalogs true Alfa Team Slovenia?

  • It is not possible to buy FIAT ePER catalog true us!

 2. It is possible to get online catalog as ads free?

  • yes,  we can you provide you online Fiat ePer catalog with ads free with username and password (that only you or company has access to it)  for monthly or yearly fee. For more info please send us e-mail.

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Hi, I am the owner of AR Giulia Q from X.2017r production. When I enter VIN number in KEYePER service, I have information that " No vehicle found for the requested parameters ". Why is it like that? My friends after entering their vin numbers have full information about their cars. Regards Marcin


thank u for contacting us

we tested with VIN number ZARxxxxxxxxx, made on 9.1.2017 and it is working. If yours model is made on X of month it is should show the information.

Please, check it on page http://keyeper.pekidi.com


Hi, my Vin steel not working : ZARxxxxxxxxxx


very interesting

We put the vin number on two different epER that we have, and neither is not showing any information. In near future FIAT group should refresh FIAT ePER database for end users. When will this happend, sorry but we do not know. Until now, we just wait for it.

Ala Fiat Klub Team Slovenia


Hello, did this happen before? Am I the first case?


no no, you are not the first example, every day are made xxxx number of vehicles. Database for official fiat shops are regulary updated.


Ok. I’ll waiting :) I hope it will be soon :)

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we would like to inform you if some one get sexual nature ads from our Fiat ePER catalogs, please send us an screenshot on mail and we will immediately respond to our sponsors


  • It is possible to get online catalog with ads free?
  • yes,  we can you provide you online Fiat ePer catalog with ads free with username and password (that only you or company has access to it)  for monthly or yearly fee. For more info please send us e-mail.

Thank you in advance and happy browsing true our catalogs

--Alfa team Slovenia

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After donation you can reach for elearns, manuals and much more

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After donation in max 24 hours, we will send you all details to access to epernoads and apps by e-mail. If you do not receive e-mail by 24 hours or you have some doubts or question you can always contact us by our helpdesk center.

bmw etka 2020 + pricenew

  FIAT wired diagram

AutoData 3.45

  • AutoData3.45.rar
  • Installation instructions

Bmw Catalog 2020 + price list

  • BMW ETK 2020-01.iso 


  • 1976_fiat 124 spider.jpg
    1998_fiat ducato_wiring_diagram.jpg
    Abarth-500-Owners-Handbook (1).pdf
    Abarth-Punto-Evo-Owners-Handbook (1).pdf
    Afa Romeo Alfetta Manual.pdf
    Alfa 33 1985 User Manual.pdf
    Alfa Romeo 145 146 Manual.pdf
    Alfa Romeo 147 Manua.pdf
    Alfa Romeo 155 Manual.pdf
    Alfa Romeo 156 Manual.pdf
    Alfa Romeo 159 Manual.pdf
    Alfa Romeo 164 Service Manual.pdf
    Alfa Romeo 166 Manual.pdf
    Alfa Romeo 1900 Parts Catalog 1957.pdf
    Alfa Romeo 2000 berlina 1971 User Manual.pdf
    Alfa Romeo 33 workshop manual.pdf
    Alfa Romeo 75 Owners Manual.pdf
    Alfa Romeo Alfa Sud Sprint Manual.pdf
    Alfa Romeo Alfasud User Manual 1976.pdf
    Alfa Romeo Brera-Spider_Manual.pdf
    ALFA ROMEO Fault Codes DTC.pdf
    Alfa_Romeo Giulia 1974 Parts Catalogue.pdf
    Alfa Romeo Giulia Manual.pdf
    Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Wiring Diagrams.pdf
    Alfa Romeo Giulietta_Manual.pdf
    Alfa Romeo GT_Bertone Manual.pdf
    Alfa Romeo GTV6 Lighting Wiring Diagram.pdf
    Alfa Romeo GT-V-6_Manual.pdf
    Alfa Romeo RZ-SZ Manual.pdf
    Alfa Romeo Spider Repair Manual.pdf
    eLearn Manuale Tecnico D'officina - Alfa Romeo 159.iso
    eLearn Manuale Tecnico D'officina - Lancia Ypsilon.rar
    FIAT_124_Maintenance Manual.pdf
    Fiat 1500 Wiring.gif
    Fiat 1500 Wiring Supp.gif
    fiat 500 ewd.jpg
    Fiat 500 Nuova eLearn.rar
    FIAT_500_OM 2012.pdf
    Fiat 500 Wiring Diagram.jpg
    Fiat 500 Workshop Manual 1957-1973.pdf
    FIAT 600 Manual.pdf
    Fiat Bravo_Brava - Workshop Manual.rar
    fiat cinquecento_SPORTING_wiring_diagram.jpg
    Fiat Cinquecento - Workshop Manual.rar
    Fiat Coupè - Workshop Manual.rar
    Fiat Ducato 2006 Manual.pdf
    FIAT DUCATO Fault Codes DTC.pdf
    Fiat Grande Punto eLearn [2008].rar
    FIAT Grande_Punto_Owner_Manual.pdf
    Fiat Idea 2003-2007 eLearn.rar
    Fiat Multipla 1999-2004 eLearn.rar
    FIAT OBDII Fault Codes DTC.pdf
    Fiat Palio-Siena - Workshop Manual.rar
    FIAT PUNTO I Serie (176) - Manuale D'Officina e Carrozzeria 93-99.rar
    Fiat Punto (official disc for repair and maintenance).rar
    Fiat Scudo 2006 Training Manual.pdf
    Fiat Seicento - Workshop Manual.rar
    Fiat Ulysse 1994-2005 eLearn.rar
    fiat uno wiring.gif
    Gallettto 1260 SW + Editor
    Lancia_Appia Workshop Manual.pdf
    Lancia Ardea 1940 Workshop Manual.pdf
    Lancia Aurelia B12 B20 1954 Workshop Manual.pdf
    Lancia Beta II serie 1976 Parts Catalogue (1).pdf
    Lancia Beta II serie 1976 Parts Catalogue.pdf
    Lancia Dedra Owners Handbook.pdf
    Lancia Delta Prisma Service Manual.pdf
    Lancia Esadelta_1962 Workshop Manual.pdf
    Lancia Flaminia 1960 Workshop Manual (1).pdf
    Lancia Flaminia 1960 Workshop Manual.pdf
    Lancia_Flavia_1961 Workshop Manual.pdf
    Lancia_Fulvia_1966 Workshop Manual.pdf
    Lancia Thema Electrical equipment.pdf
    Lancia Thema User Manual.pdf
    Lancia Voyager Owner's Manual.pdf
    Lancia Ypsilon Owners Manual.pdf
    Lancia Y - Workshop Manual.rar
    Maserati 3200gt Wiring Diagram.gif
    Maserati 3500GT Manual.pdf
    Maserati Am115 Am115-49 Ghibli User Manual.pdf
    Maserati Biturbo Wiring Diagram.gif
    Maserati Bora Am117 User Manual.pdf
    Maserati Ghibli AM115 Owner's & Service Manual.pdf
    Maserati Grandturismo Sport Owner's Manual.pdf
    Maserati Indy Am116-4200-4700-4900 User Manual.pdf
    Maserati Indy AM116 Owner's Manual.pdf
    Maserati Khamsin Owner's Manual.pdf
    Maserati Kyalami AM129 Owner's Manual.pdf
    Maserati Merak Am122 Am122A User Manual.pdf
    Maserati Mexico Manual.pdf
    Maserati Mistral Manual.pdf
    Maserati Mistral, Mexico, QP1 & Ghibli Electrical diagrams.pdf
    Maserati Quattroporte AM107 Owner's Manual.pdf
    Maserati Quattroporte Wiring Diagram.jpg
    Maserati Sebring 2 Owner's Manual.pdf
    WD FIAT Punto Mk2.jpg

Etka v8.2 + video=how to import virtual image to vmware player

  • Etka8.2
  • Video
  • VMware player

Manuals, wiring diagram, Galleto1260 (chip Tuning), MES

  • Mes
  • Galleto1260
  • 1976_fiat 124 spider
  • 1998_fiat ducato_wiring_diagram
  • Abarth-500-Owners-Handbook (1)
  • Abarth-Grande-Punto-Sound-System
  • Abarth-Punto-Evo-Owners-Handbook (1)
  • Afa Romeo Alfetta Manual
  • Alfa 33 1985 User Manual
  • Alfa Romeo 33 workshop manual
  • Alfa Romeo 75 Owners Manual
  • Alfa Romeo 145 146 Manual
  • Alfa Romeo 147 Manual
  • Alfa Romeo 155 Manual
  • Alfa Romeo 156 Manual
  • Alfa Romeo 159 Manual
  • Alfa Romeo 164 Service Manual
  • Alfa Romeo 166 Manual
  • Alfa Romeo 1900 Parts Catalog 1957
  • Alfa Romeo 2000 berlina 1971 User Manual
  • Alfa Romeo Alfa Sud Sprint Manual
  • Alfa Romeo Alfasud User Manual 1976
  • Alfa Romeo Brera-Spider_Manual
  • ALFA ROMEO Fault Codes DTC
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia Manual
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Wiring Diagrams
  • Alfa Romeo Giulietta_Manual
  • Alfa Romeo GT_Bertone Manual
  • Alfa Romeo GT-V-6_Manual
  • Alfa Romeo GTV6 Lighting Wiring Diagram
  • Alfa Romeo RZ-SZ Manual
  • Alfa Romeo Spider Repair Manual
  • Alfa_Romeo Giulia 1974 Parts Catalogue
  • eLearn Manuale Tecnico D'officina - Alfa Romeo 159
  • eLearn Manuale Tecnico D'officina - Lancia Ypsilon

Mercedes Benz EPC 7-Zip.zip
_Installation Mercedes Workshop.pdf



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FIAT announceKEYePER - Updates and sales of KEYePER will be suspended from March 1 ...


Updates and sales of KEYePER will be suspended from March 1 2018.

Subscription validity will not be checked for KEYePERs already purchased, but it will no longer be possible to update the KEYePERs themselves, and they will remain “frozen” at the last update, which took place in February.

As for the Repair Manuals, only online access will be available after 1 March 2018.

At the same time, the possibility to purchase offline documentation will also disappear.

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Offline Technical Documentation (KEYePER)


KEYePER is a USB flash drive containing the frozen version of the Spare Parts Catalogues at a given date for all FIAT, ALFA ROMEO, LANCIA, FIAT PROFESSIONAL and ABARTH.
A subscription is needed (lasting at least one month) to online technical documentation (Spare Parts) for activating the flash drive and for updating the content at least once a month.

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Ticketing system

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