Hi,<br /> I am the owner of AR Giulia Q from X.2017r production. When I enter VIN number in KEYePER service, I have information that " No vehicle found for the requested parameters ". Why is it like that? My friends after entering their vin numbers have full information about their cars.<br /> Regards<br /> Marcin

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18-12-2018 14:19


thank u for contacting us

we tested with VIN number ZARxxxxxxxxx, made on 9.1.2017 and it is working. If yours model is made on X of month it is should show the information.

Please, check it on page http://keyeper.pekidi.com


Hi, my Vin steel not working : ZARxxxxxxxxxx


very interesting

We put the vin number on two different epER that we have, and neither is not showing any information. In near future FIAT group should refresh FIAT ePER database for end users. When will this happend, sorry but we do not know. Until now, we just wait for it.

Ala Fiat Klub Team Slovenia


Hello, did this happen before? Am I the first case?


no no, you are not the first example, every day are made xxxx number of vehicles. Database for official fiat shops are regulary updated.


Ok. I’ll waiting :) I hope it will be soon :)

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